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Formative Assessment

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By completing the “Pledging to Vote” form and fully conducting the activities it calls upon you to undertake, you will successfully demonstrate your understanding of the importance of American citizens age 18 years or older exercising their right to vote.

Key steps:

Section 1: Use the blank lines to make an accurate and thoughtful statement of “why it is important for citizens to vote.”

Section 2: Share your statement and discuss the importance of voting with adults who are 18 years of age or older to see if:

  • they understand why it is important to vote
  • how their pledge to vote is an example of good citizenship

After your discussion, ask them to pledge to vote by signing your form.

Your teacher will evaluate you on the quality of your response in Section 1 and whether you successfully share the importance of voting with at least two adults; including getting their signatures in Section 2.

REMEMBER: As with all things oriented to citizenship, your good efforts can really make a difference!

Printable Student View


Pledging to vote


My name is:______________________________

Though I am not of voting age, I recognize the importance of voting. United States citizens who are 18 years of age or older should vote in local, state, and national elections because…

My age is:_____. I will meet the age requirement to vote in __________ years. I pledge to fulfill my duty as an American by offering my signature in testimony of my vote in future years.

Student Signature:______________________ Date:___________

Though I will not be able to exercise my right to vote for a number of years, I can share the importance of voting now. The signatures of citizens who are 18 years of age or older that appear below are testimony of the fact that I have shared my understanding of the importance of voting with them and have asked them to set a good example of citizenship by pledging to vote in all local, state, and national elections.

1. ___________________ 3. ______________________

2. ___________________ 4. ______________________

Scoring Guide

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