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Skills and Best Practices

Summarizing Classroom Survey Data

The following website provides guidelines for summarizing classroom surveys:

Most schools and students now have access to Microsoft Excel. This site is an excellent one for helping students summarize their data from surveys. The site includes:

  • Guide to Creating Bar Graphs
  • Guide to Creating Line Graphs
  • A Guide for Using Charts and Graphs

In addition, the site provides guidelines to help students decide which graph best suits their purpose.

Developing Projects

This site from Intel: Innovation in Education describes how a unit on trade can be developed into a class project.

The Curriculum Framing Questions suggest some important connections between this online unit and the activities suggested in this module:

Essential Question: What distinguishes one community from another?

Unit Questions:

    • How is trade important to our community?
    • How does physical geography affect the economics of our region?

Content Questions:

    • What products do we import and export, and where do they from and go?
    • What modes of transportation are used for trading?

Part Two of this unit seems to be particularly relevant to this module:

Trade and Economics:

    • Where did it come from?
    • Where did it go?

There is also a simulation activity in which students practice trading.

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