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NDE Public Notices

NDE Public Notice of Proposed Contracts with Public Officials and Public Employees

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This series of Public Notices is provided on the NDE website for purposes of compliance with Section 49-14,102 of the Revised Statutes of Nebraska, which states, in part:

“. . . (1) Except as otherwise provided by law, no public official or public employee, a member of that individual’s immediate family, or business with which the individual is associated shall enter into a contract valued at two thousand dollars or more, in any one year, with a government body unless the contract is awarded through an open and public process.
(2) For purposes of this section, an open and public process includes prior public notice and subsequent availability for public inspection during the regular office hours of the contracting government body of the proposals considered and the contract awarded. . . .”


The proposed contractors listed below fall under the provisions of Section 49-14,102, as the terms in that statute section are defined by other sections of the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act. NDE Administrative Policies and Procedures require that these online notices shall be posted for a minimum of seven days before the contract can be signed by the parties.

In order to allow public inspection, each public notice lists the NDE Team responsible for that proposed contract. If an individual wishes to inspect a proposed contract or submit written comments, they should contact that NDE Team.

The following are links to the current and prior public notices posted on this website starting in January 2017. Notices prior to January 2017 are contained in State Board of Education agendas at the NDE website.


Updated April 26, 2023 3:30pm