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Formative Assessment

Activity 1: Formative Assessment

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  1. What were the aims of the Soviet Union following World War II?
    1. To extend freedom to the nations they liberated
    2. To control nations they liberated to make Russia more secure
    3. To support international law and decisions of the United Nations
    4. To help people in Europe recover from the damages caused by World War II
  2. Why did the United States decide to try to make Germany a strong state in Europe after World War II?
    1. To check the power of the Soviet Union
    2. To check the power of France and Great Britain
    3. To help Germany in its efforts to invade the Soviet Union
    4. To help Germany in its efforts to carry out the “Final Solution”
  3. What did both United States and Soviet leaders fear might happen during the days of the Cuban Missile Crisis?
    1. Cuba might be destroyed
    2. Millions of people would die in a nuclear war
    3. Spies from each country might discover important secrets
    4. Cuba might become an enemy of both the United States and Soviet Union
  4. How did atomic bombs affect world politics during the Cold War?
    1. They made it more likely that nations that had them would go to war
    2. They helped the Soviet Union to spread communism throughout the world
    3. They saved a lot of money, because atomic weapons are cheaper than armies
    4. They caused the United States and Soviet Union to avoid war with each other
  5. Analyze the photograph below and then answer the questions.

    A wall was built in Berlin in 1961.

    a. Who built it?

    b. Explain why it was built.

    c. Explain how it affected people’s lives in Germany.

  6. Describe the Warsaw Pact, its goals, primary leader nation, and at least three member nations.

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