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Formative Assessment

Have students answer the following questions, which may either be on-demand essay questions or may be questions that may be answered with students given access to their notes and to other resources while answering the questions.

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  1. The Great Depression dominated events in the United States during the 1930s.
    1. Describe in one sentence how the U.S. government response to the Great Depression changed the nature of U.S. federalism, and
    2. b. Describe three separate, specific pieces of evidence to support your position, explaining how each piece of evidence supports your position.
  2. World War II came on the heels of the Great Depression, and following World War II, came the Cold War, which caused the United States to believe it was endangered by Communist regimes, which opposed democracy and the United States economic system.
    1. Based on your understanding of how the threat of the Great Depression had an impact upon the United States federal system, describe in one sentence how World War II and the Cold War probably had an impact on the nature of U.S. federalism, and
    2. Provide a reasoned argument to support your position.

Scoring Guide

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