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Formative Assessment

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  1. Why were songs and poems a good way to inform people about working conditions for children in the 1800’s?
    • People who couldn’t read could learn about the conditions
    • Children liked to sing about their conditions as they worked
    • Everyone knew the words to the songs and poem
    • Schools used these songs and poems in the classrooms
  2. Why were parents often shown in cartoons as sad as the factory owners took their children off to work?
    1. The children were not making enough money
    2. The children were learning at the factories and would soon leave them
    3. They felt sad that the children had to work to help support the family
    4. They wanted to go to work with the children.
  3. Why was it important to tell the public about working conditions for children in factories and mines?
  4. Explain how each of these showed child labor problems to the public?
    • Songs and poems
    • Written factual pamphlets
    • Cartoons
    • Testimony before Congressional Committees

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