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School Librarian Resources

This page will provide you with resources to assist in the daily work of a school librarian. Also, share the School Librarian resources for Administrators page link on the left with your administrator.

Resources found on this page include:

  • Standards Framework & Resources
  • Book/Materials Selection & Weeding
  • Book Challenges
  • Advocacy
  • Professional Development
  • Diversity Audits
  • Featured Video and Articles of Interest

National Librarian Standards

At this time there are no Nebraska state standards for librarians however, the NDE recommends school districts use the national AASL standards as their framework for a school library program. This framework provides more continuity in districts across the state and answers questions about what work school librarians should be performing for their school communities. 

Link to the National standards

In addition, the NDE recommends school librarians prepare an annual overview of school library work provided each school year to be shared with school leadership, educators and parents. Information that can be shared could be, but is not limited to:

  • Library Mission Statement
  • Photos of students using library resources and library events
  • List of school year events: examples –  Voter registration day, Teen Read week, Banned Books week, book club meetings, makerspace events, etc.
  • List of lesson topics taught to students over the school year
  • Library resources usage and statistics (data)
  • Professional Development opportunities shared with staff
  • Annual Changes and facility program improvements made
  • Current & Future School Plans and Goals
  • Services & resources available to students and staff
  • Social Media connections and website information
  • Current staff contact information & pictures

Annual Overview Example: Kearney Public Schools Annual Review

Book and Materials selection is a primary activity for a school librarian. Rule 10 also requires the annual purchase of new books and materials for use in the library. Below are resources to help librarians with this work. The NDE recommends that all districts have a local school board approved selection and reconsideration policy in place.

Sample Policies

LPS Selection and Reconsideration policy

Lexington Selection and Reconsideration policy

Colorado example


Policy Toolkits and Resources

ALA Selection & Reconsideration Policy toolkit

The Art & Science of Collection Development (Blog post by Courtney Pentland)

Collection Weeding

CREW – A weeding manual for modern libraries (PDF) – TX resource

District challenges against approved books are not new. The NDE recommends all districts have a local school board approved policy and procedures in place which addresses book challenges and reconsiderations. Here are librarian resources for helping to navigate book challenges and creating policies for book challenges:

ALA Challenge Support (National link)

ALA Selection and Reconsideration Policy Toolkit

NSLA  Challenges and Intellectual Freedom webpage

School Librarians have access to many professional development resources. Below are some suggestions if you are looking for professional development.

ALA conferences and events page

NSLA Professional Development page

Nebraska Future Ready Conference June 13 – 14, 2022

Future Ready Librarians events and recordings website

Below are resources and sites that share information on how to perform a diversity audit of your library.

How to perform a diversity audit – ALSC blog

Diversity Audit: A practical guide – Don’t Shush Me: Adventures of a 21st Century High School Librarian

Diversity Auditing 101: How to Evaluate your Collection – School Library Journal

Featured Video:

Checkout the I Love Public Schools Video – The New Library Learning  that features Syracuse, NE.

Articles of Interest:

Teaching and Learning in a Post-Truth World by Renee Hobbs
It’s time for schools to upgrade and reinvest in media literacy training.

Use music to teach reading to ELLs by Karen Lewis
The songs, pictures and movements helped students connect with the books’ content.

How my Library Doubled Its Circulation by Meghan Stigge
Learn how one district increased focused long-form reading in high schools students.

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