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Formative Assessment

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Greenland’s summer days are long and light, while its winter days are dark and cold.
  1. The above statement best describes
    A. Northern latitude effects
    B. Climate
    C. Temperature fluctuation
    D. Weather
  2. How does the amount of direct sunlight in the far north compare to the equator on December 21?
    A. There is more direct sunlight
    B. There is less direct sunlight
    C. There is the same amount of direct sunlight
    D. There is no direct sunlight on December 21Is this an example of climate or weather? Explain your answer.
  3. Use the weather section of your daily newspaper to think about weather and climate.
    • Identify one example of climate description
    • Identify one example of a weather description.

    Write a paragraph describing the difference between weather and climate using the descriptions from the daily newspaper to support your conclusions.

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