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Skills and Best Practices

KWLH Strategy

The KWLH teaching technique is a good method to help students activate prior knowledge. It is a group instruction activity developed by Donna Ogle (1986) that serves as a model for active thinking during reading.

K – Stands for helping students recall what they KNOW about the subject.

– Stands for helping students determine what they WANT to learn.

L – Stands for helping students identify what they LEARN as they read.

H – Stands for HOW we can learn more (other sources where additional information on the topic can be found).


Research in Social Studies

Research projects can be of varying length. However, the skills are much the same. Encouraging students to follow a consistent format in conducting and reporting on their research is important as students move through high school and into college. In addition, students will need help in citing their sources, especially those from the Internet.

Choosing a Topic

  • Finding Information
  • Taking Notes
  • Outlining and Organizing
  • Writing
  • Citing Sources
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