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Nebraska's College and Career Ready Standards for Mathematics

Nebraska Revised Statute 79.760.01 requires the Nebraska State Board of Education to adopt measurable academic content standards in the subject areas of reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies. The statute requires the State Board to review and update the standards every seven years. Pursuant to 79.760.01, and under the leadership of the Nebraska Department of Education, the process to review and revise the 2015 Nebraska’s College and Career Standards for Mathematics will began in Fall 2021. The current mathematics standards were approved by the State Board of Education in September 2022.

2022 Mathematics Standards – Approved September 2, 2022

Mathematics Unit Internalization

In January 2022, the NDE, ESU staff developers, and Instruction Partners collaborated to provide a learning experience on the successful and sustained implementation of high-quality instructional materials. Participants engaged in a unit internalization study in Mathematics and English Language Arts content areas and explored the phases of Instruction Partners’ Curriculum Support Guide & Curriculum Support Guide Workbook along with resources from the Nebraska Instructional Materials Collaborative. Session materials are linked below. For questions, please contact

Math Resources

Do Math – Family Math

Take a closer look at the Family Math book available from your 21st CCLC afterschool program library. Experience activities from the resource using everyday materials. Several models of hosting a family math event were shared. Learn how to get the entire family involved in doing math together (Materials needed: Paper clip, pencil or pen, print copy of handouts).

Creativity is a necessity when working with youth. Walk 2 Unlock Nebraska allows classrooms and out-of-school clubs the opportunity to engage youth to learn about agriculture, nature, historical, and science-based content along one of four Nebraska trails. Two trails are currently open. The next two will be built over the 2023-2024 school year.

Walk 2 Unlock supports the whole child, working to provide activities to support body and mind. The program features an interactive map of Nebraska that allows users to track their locally achieved physical activity miles to make progress on virtual trails across the state. As students travel across the virtual trails, they will encounter checkpoints to learn more about the state through STEAM lessons appropriate for grades K-8th. Check out for Walk to Unlock Nebraska for more information.

Walk to Unlock Nebraska is a program of the Nebraska Department of Education Healthy Schools Program in partnership with Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation’s Agriculture in the Classroom, Nebraska Game and Parks, Nebraska Tourism, Midwest Dairy, History Nebraska, and Nebraska Public Media.

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