Grants Management System

Users who are tasked with the management/oversight of their agency’s grant applications and missed one of our District Administrator GMS Security Webinars can find resources below.


Grants Management System (GMS) Description and Purpose

The GMS is a web-based system used by the Department for processing various grants and plans. The system supports application submissions, amendments, and approval as well as the issuance of grant award notifications. The system also supports the processing of payments against grant awards through reimbursement requests.
Its purposes are to provide:

  1. districts an easy to use mechanism with a common look and feel originating from various sources;
  2. quick response time between the Department and districts;
  3. real time financial representation.

The GMS has become the principal method for processing Department issued grants.

GMS Access

Users who have NEVER had access to GMS will need to request access from the agency’s district administrator using the following:

1. Click “New User
2. Type in the name of the agency you wish to be associated with and click the SEARCH button
3. From the drop down list, select the appropriate agency and click the SELECT ORG button (the New User window should display the administrator for the agency selected)
4. Click the REQUEST button
5. Complete the New User Request and click the SUBMIT button
6. The administrator will need to accept the New User Request and assign the appropriate user role before a new user will be able to access the agency’s grant information

Users who are tasked with the management/oversight of their agency’s grant process can utilize the resources below to provide additional assistance with regard to managing the user access for their agency.

Presentations, Resources & Other Links

NDE State and Federal Grant Management Requirements and Guidance

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