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Content Area Standards

Nebraska Revised Statute 79-760.01 requires the Nebraska State Board of Education to "adopt measurable academic content standards for at least the grade levels required for statewide assessment." Those standards shall [...]

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2017-18 NSCAS Summative Testing Test Name  Test Administration Window  Make-up Date ELPA February 5-March 16, 2018   NSCAS Summative English Language Arts , Math, Science General and Alternate March 19-April [...]

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State Board of Education

Live Video Stream - State Board of Education Work Session - February 1, 2018 (2:00 p.m.) State Board of Education Board Meeting - February 2, 2018 (9:00 a.m.) Please note:  The [...]

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Rules and Regulations

General Information Regarding NDE Rules and Regulations Statutory Authority: The Administrative Procedures Act (Sections 84-901 to 84-920 of the Revised Statutes of Nebraska) contains the main statutory provisions detailing how [...]

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Certification Investigations

The purpose of the Certification Investigations' Office is to ensure that individuals who hold a certificate issued by the Nebraska Department of Education adhere to the standards of professional conduct [...]

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Data, Research, and Evaluation

DRE Workgroups NDE Helpdesk – Supporting the work of the Department and School Districts with data collections and submissions, technical questions, as well support for the multiple interfaces with Nebraska [...]

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The Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) is a constitutional agency approved by Nebraska voters. The Department operates under the authority of an elected board of education. NDE is organized into [...]

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Nebraska School Safety

§79-2,144 The state school security director appointed pursuant to section 79-2,143 shall be responsible for providing leadership and support for safety and security for the public schools. Duties of the director include, [...]

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Federal Programs

Education is primarily a State and local responsibility in the United States. It is States and communities, as well as public and private organizations of all kinds, that establish schools [...]

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Accountability for a Quality Education System, Today and Tomorrow

We’ve gone beyond measuring against standard requirements to create a next-generation accountability system that supports and rewards continuous improvement for every student, school, and educator. The result is an innovative [...]

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Disciplinary Action

The Certification Investigation Review is provided by the Certification Investigations' Office of the Nebraska Department of Education. The documents set forth herein are copies of orders and reprimands issued by [...]

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reVISION is a year-long process that provides Nebraska schools with the opportunity to analyze and transform their current career education systems in order to improve their ability to educate a qualified [...]

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Nebraska Milken Educators

 Nebraska joined the Milken Educator Awards program in 1996. 40 recipients since program began in Nebraska. $1,000,000 awarded in Nebraska since program began Jon Pickinpaugh, 2017 Nebraska Milken Educator [...]

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reVISION Initial Grant

Program Overview The purpose of the Perkins reVISION Initial grant is to assist local school districts in completing the reVISION Career Education strategic planning process. Working in collaboration with postsecondary education [...]

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Nebraska Future Ready Librarians

Nebraska has adopted the Future Ready framework and convened it's own Future Ready Nebraska Council to assist in guiding the Future Ready Nebraska plan forward. The Council is  committed to using [...]

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reVISION Action Grant

Program Overview The purpose of the reVISION Action grant is to improve, modernize, or expand career education programs to align with Nebraska’s economic priorities and workforce labor demands. The Perkins [...]

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Communications & Outreach Staff Katie Bieber Director of Communications P: 402-471-5025 E: katie.bieber@nebraska.gov @NDE_GOV    Shauna Groenewold Web and Social Media Specialist P: 402-471-3186 E: shauna.groenewold@nebraska.gov @NDE_PS   David Hefley Web [...]

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Future Ready Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

3 Taglines which describe focus of work in this area Builds Instructional Partnerships Empowers Students as Creators Curates Digital Resources and Tools   Builds Instructional Partnerships OUTCOME: Partners with educators [...]

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