Data, Research, and Evaluation

Office of Data, Research, and Evaluation – Sections

  • Application Development – Focusing on the development of IT applications to support data reporting and data use by School Districts and the general public.
  • Data Collections – Integrating the collection, refinement and use of educational data to meet federal and state reporting requirements, ensuring effective integrations with programs, and working to publish a variety of useful reports are the primary responsibilities of the Data Collections section.
  • Data Quality and Support – Supporting the work of the Department and School Districts with data collections and submissions, technical questions, as well support for the multiple interfaces with Nebraska Schools. The NDE Help Desk is a program within the Data Quality and Support section that provides users with a single, helpful, and friendly first point of contact for the Nebraska Department of Education web portal applications.
  • Research and Evaluation – Focusing on conducting research and evaluation to provide a deeper understanding of the data, best practice, and supports for improving teaching and learning in Nebraska schools. The research group is also heavily involved in promoting the use of data and training for data literacy, analysis, and use among ESUs, districts, and schools.


Updated April 20, 2018 4:14pm