Science Education

Nebraska’s Vision for Science Education

Nebraska’s students demonstrate the scientific literacy necessary to be civic minded decision makers and demonstrate readiness for college, career, and lifelong learning. As critical consumers, students gather, analyze, and communicate information from multiple sources and make connections to their lived lives. Engaged in authentic and relevant learning experiences that cultivate a sense of wonder and curiosity, they make sense of phenomena and identify creative solutions to local and global problems.

Achieving Nebraska’s Vision for Science Education

Nebraska’s vision for science education is achieved when each student has meaningful access to the educational resources they need at the right moment, at the right level, and with the right intensity supported by high quality instructional materials. High expectations for learning and student achievement are established for each student and carefully monitored over time. Students are encouraged to and allowed to discover and explore their passions and make meaningful connections within the context of their post-secondary interests.

Creating Nebraska’s Vision for Science Education

Nebraska engaged in a multiple year process to establish a collective, shared vision for science education. Inspired by the voices of our shareholders–students, parents, educators at all levels, business and industry partners, community members–and the vision established in A Framework for Science Education our work in science education strives to serve this shared vision and bring it to life for each Nebraska student.

Home-Based Science

Professional Learning Opportunities

2017 Science Standards

The standards can also be accessed from the Content Area Standards Webpage.

DRAFT Teacher’s Guides

to Nebraska’s College and Career Ready Standards for Science

Key Instructional Shifts

Implementation Toolkit




Implementation Plan

Parent Guides

Documents for SUPPORTING SCIENCE LEARNING DURING COVID-19 [LINK] compiled by members of the Council of State Science Supervisors (CSSS)


NEW At Home Professional Learning: Explore what it means to Unwrap NCCRS-S through an on-line learning module and supporting resources. Take a glimpse into Nebraska science classrooms and hear from Nebraska educators in these Video-Embedded STEM Teaching Tools.

Introduction to NCCRS-S Online Learning Modules: The Introduction to NCCRS-S modules are designed to present a foundation for future learning in additional courses. In this course, participants are introduced to; the key features of NCCRS-S and phenomena. Instructions for registering.

Nebraska’s College and Career Ready Standards for Science (NCCRS-S) were adopted by the Nebraska State Board of Education on September 8, 2017.  The development of Nebraska’s College and Career Ready Standards for Science were guided by The National Research Council’s A Framework for K-12 Science Education . As standards are only guidelines for instruction and not panaceas for change; moving toward research-based instructional practices requires ongoing, collaborative work among Nebraska’s teaching and learning professionals.

The Teacher’s Guides provide additional support for educators to interpret and implement the standards.  Revisions will continue until all necessary components are included.
K-2 (rev_8_8_18)
3-5 (rev 8_6_18)
6-8 (revised 2/09/18)
HS Physical Science (revised 2/10/18)
HS Earth Space Science (revised 2/18/18)
HS Life Science (revised 2/11/18)

Academic standards provide a framework for ensuring quality teaching and learning, but quality implementation requires key shifts that are essential to fulfill the vision of Nebraska’s College and Career Ready Standards.
Science Only

English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science

This series provides resources to help guide implementation of Nebraska’s College and Career Ready Standards for Science. While not exhaustive, the Toolkit presents a variety of resources to serve the outcomes for successful implementation.
NE Science Implementation Toolkit
Stage 1 Resources
Stage 2 Resources
Stage 3 Resources
Stage 4 Resources

The Implementation Plan is designed to support the gradual implementation of Nebraska’s College and Career Ready Standards for Science while building capacity within all grade bands. State-level supports will be designed following this implementation plan. Local districts are encouraged to develop local implementation plans that meet district needs.

English Versions: K-2  3-5  6-8  9-12
Spanish Versions: K-2  3-5  6-8  9-12

“Science is more than a body of knowledge.
It is a way of thinking; a way of skeptically interrogating the universe
with a fine understanding of human fallibility.”

~ Carl Sagan

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