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Formative Assessment

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  1. How did living in the colonies change the way Americans thought about government?
    1. There was little diversity in the colonies and everyone had similar ideas about government.
    2. The colonist were generally left alone by England and they took part in running there own government.
    3. The colonists knew they would always be protected by England and there was no need for their own government.
    4. The colonists felt that the founding fathers were best able to run the government.
  2. A social contract
    1. Defines how people should interact with each other
    2. Defines a relationship between a people and their government
    3. Defines how a people with interact with foreign countries
    4. Defines relationships between the state government and the federal government
  3. What freedoms did American colonists begin to take for granted as they moved toward independence? Explain why this happened.
  4. Based on the American experience, what do you think were the important principles that were followed by the founding fathers?

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