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World Language Review May 2019

The Power of Language: World Language as a Support to Global Understanding

Global Understanding Through World Language Learning

George Mason University defines global understanding as the ability to see the world from multiple perspectives, reflect upon our positions in a global society, and to be prepared for future engagement as global citizens. Kent University adds that global understanding includes intergroup relations, intercultural communications, conflict mitigation, and global development and sustainability. Both the U.S. Department of Defense and the PeaceCorps promote the importance of intercultural communication as a way of building relationships. In this issue, we’ll explore why global understanding is both an integral element and a goal of world language education.

Charlamos: Uruguay’s Take on Global Understanding

In 2007, I participated in a Fulbright exchange to Uruguay with nine other US teachers. At that time, 109 full time schools offered 8 hours of school time and three meals day. 24 of those schools were dual-language English/Spanish or Spanish/Portuguese. Schools did not typically have computers, internet or photocopiers. Yet, Uruguay was willing to think globally. A national team examined problems, consulted with various experts, worked to understand the cultural needs of the communities, and considered sustainability. In 2009, President Tabare Vazquez finalized “Plan Ceibal” which gave laptops to all grade school students and their teachers. Now 319 full time schools offer second language from dual language to immersion. Uruguay continues to think globally as it analyzes its needs and prioritizes how to address them.

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Meet Your NILA Board: Communication Chair Will West

Will West, Communications and Program Chair French Teacher Lincoln Public Schools What was your motivation to become a language teacher? My high school French teacher, Toni Theisen, motivated me to become a French teacher. Her class was a place where everybody belonged…’honor yourself’ was a mantra that we heard over and over. I believed that being a teacher, like Toni, would be the best way to honor her. In five words or less, describe your classroom approach. Give learning power to students What power do you find in speaking another language? As a teacher of world language and culture,...Read More ›

Global Understanding in Practice: University of Nebraska Study Abroad

Daniel Kritenbrink is a Nebraska native and a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Kearney. While a student at UNK, he participated in a short study tour to the Soviet Union. He spent the following full academic year at Kansai Gaidai University in Japan. Study abroad is the capstone opportunity for demonstrating global understanding. Today, he is The United States Ambassador at the U.S. Embassy and Consulate in Vietnam. Krittenbrink credits his travel abroad experience for developing more than his language skills. He cites the development of insights into Asian cultures, networking, collaboration, and problem-solving. UNK Professor of History Dr. Doug...Read More ›

Creating Global Connections for PK-12 Students

1. Local Travelers When preparing for a trip to the Dominican Republic, I required all of my Level I students to write introductory postcards on large index cards. I took their pictures and pasted them on the postcards. When I arrived in the Dominican for a mission trip, I worked with the local organization to plan a “Postcard Day” for the neighborhood organization. Neighborhood kids each took a card and wrote a response. Upon my return, I had the responses and a description of the community. Our school then sent back a gift of school supplies for the neighborhood organization....Read More ›

Connections for Global Engagement in Nebraska

Lincoln Council for International Visitors Promotes global understanding through citizen diplomacy in Lincoln. Nebraska Fulbright Alumni Association Advocates fro the Fulbright Program and promotes international education. Nebraska Youth Institute at University of Nebraska Engages high school students with local leaders and experts on critical global challenges.

Honoring Nebraska’s World Language Retirees

Linda Gjere Millard North Middle School Millard Public Schools 11 years teaching 8 years as a substitute Sherry Runnels St. Francis School 5 years of service at St. Francis Over 30 years in education Vicki Huskey Conestoga Jr-Sr High School Conestoga Public Schools 13 years in the Conestoga District 34 years in education Shirley Rytych Shickley Public Schools 46 years in education Diana Harris Lourdes Central Catholic Schools Diocese of Lincoln 45 years at Lourdes Central 49 years in education These names were submitted by administrators. If you would like to honor a 2018-2019 retiree, there will be one more...Read More ›

Announcements for May 2019

Call for Proposals: Nationals Association for Bilingual Education 49th Annual Conference NABE invites all education experts, researchers, authors and successful practitioners with information of interest to submit a proposal. They also encourage multilingual proposals. View the full call for proposals at Submit proposals by June 30, 2019 49th Annual NABE Conference Pre-Conference: February 25, 2020 Conference: February 26-28, 2020 Las Vegas, Nevada NABE is seeking proposals that engage participants in topics related to quality education for DLLs such as: • achieving educational equity for DLLs • ensuring social justice for DLLs through strong linguistic and academic attainment • providing...Read More ›

Classroom Resources May 2019

Santillana Spanish Works! Sampler In honor of World Language Week to make students realize language will help their career and civic life, Jimmy Moorhead, Santillana and Vista Publishing, would like to share this digital sample of the Spanish Works career readiness series (Levels 1-4 High School Spanish). This series strongly addresses the need to highlight language in its primary place in international commerce. Open Language Resource Center at the University of Kansas Online and printable activities in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, French, German, Haitian Creole, Persian, Portuguese, Quichua, Russian, Slovene, Somali, Spanish, and Uyghur. French Embassy Launches Podcast “The Thing About...Read More ›

Professional Development Opportunities May 2019

Francophone Film and Literature Course French 4950/8956 at University of Nebraska Omaha In fall 2019, UNO will offer Francophone Film and Literature Tuesdays from 4:30-7:10 with Dr. Patrice Proulx. Some of the films to be discussed include Incendies, Persepolis, L’Ange du Goudron, and Black Girl. The course focuses on a selection of contemporary films and short readings dealing with the Caribbean, Africa, North Africa, and Quebec. One of the primary objectives is the development of critical viewing and reading skills that will allow students to reflect more productively on the social and aesthetic themes in these works. Critical issues to...Read More ›

Teach in Nebraska World Language Postings May 2019

The following positions were posted in April 2019 on the Teach in Nebraska website at French 9-12, Papillion La Vista South High School, Papillion Spanish 9-12, Part Time, Lincoln Lutheran High School, Lincoln Spanish 9-12, Lourdes Central Catholic School, Nebraska City Spanish 9-12, Schuyler Community Schools, Schuyler French 9-12, Mt. Michael Benedictine School, Elkhorn French 9-12 Part Time, Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School, Lincoln Spanish 7-12, Gothenburg Public Schools, Gothenburg Spanish 7-12, Morrill Public Schools, Morrill Spanish 7-12, Maxwell Public Schools, Maxwell Spanish 6-12, Long Term Substitute, Grand Island Central Catholic, Grand Island Spanish 1-12, Lindsay Holy Family,...Read More ›


Los Desconocidos
Migrant Quilt Project
International Quilt Study Center and Museum
March 15-June 27

Crafting Culture: Women and the Business of Textiles in Nebraska
Nebraska History Museum
April 12-July 13

Lincoln Unites! 2019
Citizenship ceremony and festival to celebrate diversity
May 10

Art and Culture of Japan Artist Reception
Prairie Arts Center
North Platte
May 18

Miss Saigon
Orpheum Theater
May 28-June 2

Picasso at the Lapin Agile (A Steve Martin Play)
June 6

Omaha Summer Arts Festival
June 7-9

Swedish Festival
June 14-16

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