World Languages

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Empower educators to engage students in the authentic use of world languages via standard-based instruction to fulfill a range of functions, from expressing personal needs to communicating in the workplace and to establishing strategic relationships across cultures so that they may learn, earn, and live.


All Nebraskans are aware of the positive impact of world language education and can make informed choices about language education. All students have access to the language education of their choice. With standard-based instruction, students obtain the level of proficiency to communicate in culturally adequate manners, solve real-world conflicts and problems, establish cross-cultural
relationships, advocate for less-presented ethnic groups, to serve as ambassadors in communities for a more harmonious Nebraska.


Bilingualism and multilingualism positively correlate with cognitive development, academic achievement, creativity, communicative and cultural competence, earning potentials,
motivation, and positive aging. As Nebraska world language educators, we are to bridge the gap between the potential benefits and the reality by advocating for world language education, creating authentic learning experience, promoting language proficiency, cultivating intercultural communicative competence, and maximizing the benefits of bilingualism.


Xianquan (Chrystal) Liu, Ph.D., World Languages Specialist


Updated July 16, 2024 3:54pm