English Learner Programs

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The purposes of Title III are to:

  1. Improve the education of English Learners by assisting them attain English proficiency, attain high levels of academic achievement in English and meet challenging academic standards. AND

  2. Provide enhanced instructional opportunities for immigrant children and youth.

Contact Information

Terri Schuster, 402-471-4694
Brooke David, 402 471-2451

English Learner Newsletter

Winter 2017
Fall 2017


Upcoming Events

NDE Secondary Working Group Meeting
 When: March 1, 2018
 Where: Firespring Lincoln, NE
 Time: 9:00-3:00
 Contact for information:  brooke.david@nebraska.gov

Classroom Instruction that Works with English Learners Training Modules 6-9
When: April 4, 2018
Where:  ESU 3 LaVista, NE
 Time:  8:00-3:00
 Contact for information:  brooke.david@nebraska.gov

Statewide ELL Professional Development Team Meeting
When: April 5, 2018
 Where:  ESU 3 LaVista, NE
Time:  8:00-3:00
 Contact for information:  brooke.david@nebraska.gov (closed to DPD members only)