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The purposes of Title III are to:

  1. Improve the education of English Learners by assisting them attain English proficiency, attain high levels of academic achievement in English and meet challenging academic standards. AND
  2. Provide enhanced instructional opportunities for immigrant children and youth.

Contact Information

Allyson Olson, 402-471-4694

Request for Proposal

The State of Nebraska (State), Department of Education, Office of ESEA Federal Programs is issuing this Request for Proposal, RFP Number 011320ESEA for the purpose of selecting a qualified contractor to conduct an alignment study to provide evidence that the Nebraska English Language Proficiency Standards align to Nebraska’s College and Career Ready Standards for English/Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science, and contain language proficiency expectations that reflect the language needed for English Learners (ELs) to acquire and demonstrate their achievement of the knowledge and skills identified in the Nebraska academic content standards appropriate to each grade-level/grade band.

RFP 011320ESEA Addendum

RFP 011320ESEA Intent to Award

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Revisions to Rule 15 are effective as of May 8, 2018.
Rule 15: A Guide for Implementation

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