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Development Committee

Fred Czarra, Coordinator, Council of Chief State School Officers, 1998-2005
Arthur Halbrook, Coordinator, Council of Chief State School Officers, 2005-Present
Bill Gerling, Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Robert Jervis, Maryland Department of Education
Sara Moshman, MetaLogic, Inc., Lincoln, Nebraska
Joann Prewitt, Delaware Department of Education
Kim Rasmussen, Kansas Department of Education

Writers of Modules

  • Robert Jervis, Maryland
  • Marianne Kenney. Colorado
  • Barbara Johnson, Delaware
  • Bruce Damasio, Maryland
  • Cynthia Reeves, North Carolina
  • Warren Solomon, Missouri
  • Theresa Steinlage, Kansas
  • Joe Stoltman, Western Michigan University
  • Mary Suter, Missouri
  • Preston Shockley, Delaware
  • Betsy Wood, Maryland
  • Ernie O’Rourke, Maryland

Council of Chief State School Officers

Fred Czarra
Arthur Halbrook
Frank Philip

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