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NSCAS 2020-2021 Key Messages

NSCAS 2020-2021 Key MessagesUpdated 3.19.21

NSCAS Innovation Update - 2.10.2021

NSCAS Innovation UpdatePDF

NSCAS Innovation Update – PowerPoint

NSCAS Innovation Presentation – YouTube Video, Time: 2:00:20

Covid Guidance Form

Covid Waiver GuidanceUpdated 2.26.21

Covid Waiver FAQ – Posted 2.26.21
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NSCAS Summative Assessments

  • Measures student performance against NE content area standards.
  •  ELA and Math assessments in grades 3 through 8 – computer-adaptive assessment.
  • Science assessment grades 5 & 8.

NSCAS General Summative AssessmentLearn More

NWEA Nebraska Portal

NWEA Contacts

Alternate assessment tests have been designed for students with severe cognitive disabilities or multi-handicapping conditions, generally less than 1% of the overall student population.

NSCAS Alternative Summative AssessmentLearn More

DRC Insight

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All students, including special education students and English Language Learners who are in their third-year cohort of high school must participate in the ACT.


ACT Nebraska Portal

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Year 1: Students are included in participation calculations, but are excluded from the ELA and Math accountability.
Year 2: Results are used in growth measures.
Year 3: Students are included in all accountability calculations.

English Language Proficiency Assessment for the 21’st CenturyLearn More

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ELPA21 Contact

 NSCAS Interim Assessment Supports

Assessments administered at different intervals between instruction to help educators better understand student learning needs and determine growth toward learning goals.

NSCAS Interim AssessmentsLearn More
MAP Growth
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NSCAS Formative Assessment Supports

Checks for student understanding during instruction. Given as needed, daily in the classroom throughout the year to help teachers address student learning needs in-the-moment.

NSCAS Formative AssessmentsLearn More

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Accountability for a Quality Education System, Today and Tomorrow Website

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