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Forms & Resources

Downloadable Form Templates & Guides

Agency Evaluation (potential employers)
Use this form to predict training site, employer, and mentor effectiveness.

All Aspects of Industry Framework
This document provides workplace experience observation question prompts for students to ask employers, supervisors, and mentors.

Agency Evaluation (Student)
Use this form to grade your training, mentor, and working conditions.

Business/Community Survey
Use this form to determine student employment possibilities.

Business Orientation
Use this form to detail your onboarding experience.

Contract Program of Work
Use this form to detail your objective, implementation, and measurable evaluation.

Employment of Minor’s Certificate-Age 14 & 15

Use this form to describe your past work experience and identify which businesses you’d prefer to work for.

Extended Contract Itinerary
Use this form to detail places, persons, and work to be done.

Follow-up Form (Student)
Use this form to provide your post-graduation status.

Hazardous Occupation Exemption Agreement
Use this form to allow student learners to work be exempted from child labor laws that apply to hazardous occupations.

Interview Evaluation
Use this form to evaluate interviewees according to appearance, personality, desire, and career objectives.

Introduction Card
Use this form to evaluate interviewees according to appearance, poise, attitude, and verbal expression.

Job Interview Practices
Use this form to review the do’s and don’ts of interviewing.

Nebraska Career Readiness Evaluation Rubric-HS-Version-10-18

Nebraska Career Readiness-Evaluation Rubrics-WBL-Version-10-18

Proof of Insurance and Emergency Contact Form
Use this form to provide and attach your insurance plan information.

Role and Function of a Work-Based Learning Coordinator
Use this document to review typical tasks and functions of a Work-Based Learning Coordinator.

Student Interview Questions
Use this form to review 15 constructive interview questions.

Teacher Recommendation
Use this form to rate effective teacher qualities and habits such as dependability, leadership, and attendance.

Training Agreement
Use this form to gain a cooperative training mentor.

Training Plan
Use this form to highlight and rate task(s) objective, status, and progress.

Travel Log
Use this form to detail your travel destination, purpose, contact person, and mileage.

Visitation Log
Use this form to detail your workplace visits.

Weekly Wage
Use this form to provide your site, supervisor, and number of hours worked.

Workplace Experience
Use this form to acknowledge, agree, and abide by the Work-Based Learning rules.

Work-Based Learning Evaluation Report Form
Use this form to rate the trainee’s annual performance on the Nebraska Career Readiness Standards and Progressive Job Tasks.04-Busi


Apprenticeship for High School Students
A flyer about high school apprenticeship programs that provide results for youth, schools, and businesses.

Child Labor Law-NDOL (eff. 1-1-2019)

Connecting the Classroom to Careers
A comprehensive guide to the state’s role in work-based learning.

CTE on the Frontier: Connecting Rural Learners with the World of Work
Connecting rural learners with the world of work.

Employing Youth 16 and Older
Use this guide for workers 16 years and older.

Guidelines for Implementing Work-Based Learning Strategies
This guide lists walks through the three phases of the Nebraska Workplace Experiences Continuum.

Opportunities for Connecting Secondary CTE Students and Apprenticeship Programs Report
Opportunities for connecting secondary Career and Technical Education (CTE) students and apprenticeship+ programs

Partnering Up
How industry partnerships can bring work-based learning to scale.

Work-Based Learning Legal Questions
Use this guide for legal questions around youth Work-Based Learning.

Work-Based Learning Supplemental Endorsement
This guide lists course offerings that meet the Work-Based Learning Supplemental Endorsement Requirement.

Youth@ Work
The U.S. Equal Opportunity (EEOC) Website for Youth in the Workplace.

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