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Supervised Agricultural Experience


Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) is a work-based learning opportunity that allows students with a career objective in Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (AFNR) to gain experience and apply what is learned in the classroom, laboratory or training site to real-life situations. The experience is supervised by an AFNR teacher including those holding level and specialty area certificates.

Purpose/Objective: Career Exploration/Application

The objective of the SAE is to provide students the opportunity to gain experience in agricultural fields for which they have a career interest and objective.

Related Instruction

Students must be enrolled in an AFNR course related to the student’s career objective. All students enrolled in an AFNR course are required to participate in SAE.

Roles and Responsibilities

SAEs require time, commitment, and collaboration of the following partners:

  • Students are responsible for maintaining their SAE record book. 
  • Parents/Guardians provide ongoing support to the student.  Parents must provide transportation to the SAE site if applicable.
  • AFNR Teachers provide ongoing supervision to the student and integrate the student’s worksite experience with learning at school.
  • Business/community partners may provide opportunities for students SAEs.
National Council for Agricultural Education's SAE Philosophy and Guiding Principles

National Council for Agricultural Education’s SAE Philosophy and Guiding Principles

Appropriate Placement

SAEs must relate to the student’s career objective and adhere to all federal and state labor laws. 

Credits Earned

Credit may be awarded through AFNR courses.

Supervision/Coordination Requirements

Close supervision is necessary for successful implementation of a SAE.  AFNR teachers are responsible for the educational progress of their students.           

Placement Restrictions or Limitations

Students may not work in any hazardous occupation as defined by state and federal labor laws. 

Required Documentation and Forms

SAE records must be completed and on file with the AFNR teacher for each student.