Workplace Experiences For Nebraska

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Research has indicated that work-based experiences invigorate learning and that students participating in work-based learning were more likely to stay in school, take more difficult courses, and graduate.
Swail, Watson S. and Kampits, Eva, 2004

Workplace experience is an educational strategy that provides students a setting where they can enhance their learning, explore career options and demonstrate their academic, technical and career readiness skills in authentic work settings.

Workplace experiences are notextracurricular but rather expanded learning opportunities central to the student’s personal and professional development. These experiences must be integrated into the curricular offerings and assessed accordingly.

Providing quality workplace experiences is a proactive approach to bridging the gap between education and high skills, high wage, high demand (H3) careers.  At its core, it is about meeting students where they are in their development and helping them grow their future.  Quality workplace experiences begin by helping develop a broad understanding and awareness of businesses and industries and the possible careers that are available to them with the right set of skills and knowledge

This guide was developed to provide the information and tools needed to implement and maintain a quality workplace experience program. It provides instruction, guidance, direction, and the documentation necessary to develop and implement a quality, work-based learning experience. Information contained herein should be used as a guide for teachers, counselors, school administrators, and others involved in providing workplace experiences.