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Career Speakers

Career Speakers are career awareness activities that provide opportunities for students to learn about the skills required in various industries or career fields; the career paths taken by those in the field; the tools, materials and equipment used; and the work environment and expectations for performance in various industries.


  • Provide an opportunity for a classroom or group of students to hear directly from a business person or career professional.
  • Allows students to gain realistic perspectives on expectations in a job and/or career field and the workplace requirements.
  • Supplements information that can be obtained through other work awareness strategies.
    Students explore a career field or pathway in which they have an interest.
  • Enable a large number of students to explore a variety of career opportunities efficiently.
  • Provide the opportunity to gain an understanding of all aspects of an industry.

Success Factors

  • Reach out to diverse local employers and professionals that align to student interests.
  • Consider a panel of 2-3 guest speakers rather than a single presenter to offer more depth and breadth of information and alleviate some of the pressure on a single presenter to fill a specified period of time.
  • Request that the speaker:
    • Describe a typical work day.
    • Describe their occupation, educational requirements and specialized training required.
    • Discuss the aspect of their jobs they like best/least.
    • Discuss future employment outlook and projections for their career area.
  • Share the general wage and salary information.
  • Discuss benefits provided by the company/organization in which they are employed.
  • Suggest that the guest speaker include hands-on activities for the students.
  • Obtain a brief bio of the guest speaker in advance of the presentation to share with the class.
  • Clearly communicate the objectives of having the guest speaker present to the class.
  • Guide students to think about the importance of the particular career or job by posing an anticipatory set of questions.
  • Have students list or discuss the career readiness skills referenced in the guest speaker’s presentation.
  • Allow time for a brief question and answer period.
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