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School-Based Enterprises

A school-based enterprise is a simulated or actual business usually conducted on the school site as component of a CTE course.  Students create and operate an economically viable venture that replicates a specific business or industry and generates revenue for the CTSO or school.  School-based enterprises are activities through which students produce or provide goods or services for sale or for use by people other than themselves.


The purpose is to assist students in acquiring work experience related to their chosen career pathway.  School-based enterprises are often provided in communities without a sufficient number of businesses or industry to provide student employment experiences.

Related Instruction

Students must be currently enrolled in the sponsoring teacher’s CTE class.

Student Qualifications

The student must be:

  • Approved for participation by the related CTE teacher.
  • In grades 9 –12.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Students comply with the rules and regulations of the school-based enterprise.
  • Parents/Guardians approve and encourage student participation in the school-based enterprise.  They agree to provide transportation to and from the School-Based Enterprise if applicable.
  • Career and Technical Education Teachers leads in developing an appropriate school-based enterprise. They provide supervision during the school-based enterprise and counsel the student regarding his/her job performance.  They determine the student’s final grade and reinforce work-based learning experiences with related classroom instruction.

Credits Earned

No credit is earned except as an integrated component of a CTE course.

Hour/Supervision Requirements      

Hours are facilitated by the sponsoring Career and Technical Education teacher. Supervision will be performed by the CTE teacher.

Insurance Coverage

All students should show proof of current health insurance coverage, if applicable.  If the student must drive in conjunction with the school-based enterprise, he/she must have a valid driver license and provide proof of automobile liability coverage.

Nebraska Guide to School-Based Enterprises

Download the guide.

School-Based Enterprise Development: Planning, Implementing & Evaluating

Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services; Division of Public Schools, Florida Department of Education

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