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Benefits of Workplace Experiences

Students Benefit!

Students who participate in quality Workplace Experiences:

  • Set and pursue career, educational, and personal goals;
  • Understand the connection between school and their postsecondary and career goals;
  • Model mature professional behaviors and rise to the expectations of employers while demonstrating good work habits;
  • Develop leadership skills and a sense of responsibility;
  • Solve problems cooperatively and creatively; and
  • Build networks that will support learning and expand future opportunities.

Schools Benefit!

Schools that effectively integrate Workplace Experiences into students’ programs of study:

  • Incorporate career training techniques used in businesses;
  • Develop ongoing relationships with the business community;
  • Adapt rapidly to industry trends and workplace expectations;
  • Increase the number of workplace opportunities available to all students;
  • Create a sequenced plan of Workplace Experiences that build upon each other to foster career awareness, exploration, and preparation; and
  • Promote skills that support students’ attainment of the Nebraska Career Readiness Standards and CTE program of study/course standards.

Employers and Community Organizations Benefit!

Employers and Community Organizations that assist with students’ Workplace Experiences:

  • Build a pipeline of knowledgeable, motivated talent;
  • Increase company brand awareness and loyalty;
  • Prescreen potential employees;
  • Give back to the community and support strong learning experiences for students; and
  • Provide students with exposure to opportunities outside their immediate environments.
Updated July 26, 2018 1:42pm