An internship is a highly structured, time-limited career preparation activity in which students are placed at a workplace for a defined period of time to participate in and observe work firsthand within a given industry. Internships often allow students to rotate through a number of departments and job functions. Internships are paid work experiences.

Purpose/Objective:  Career Exploration

As an “extension” of what a student has learned, internships have specific objectives to be reached that augment a career and technical education program or academic coursework. Internships are general offered to 11th and 12th grade students or students in postsecondary education. The length of the internship is based on individual objectives that need to be defined in the training agreement between the business/employer and the school.

The Nebraska Department of Economic Development manages an internship program called InternNE. This unique program helps students find paid internships in Nebraska businesses. The program connects high school and college students and employers from across the state, providing a unique opportunity for them to co-invest in the future. Interns gain valuable business experience that will help them in future careers, while successful internships help businesses develop tomorrow’s leaders.

Internships create lasting connections between students and the region; more than 50% of interns become full-time employees at their place of internship, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

Guidebook for Successful Internships

The Nebraska Department of Economic Development has developed a Guidebook to provide information on creating an engaging internship for students as well as an effective program for the business.  This useful guide provides the needed information for a school and business to create a meaningful internship program.

The Guidebook also includes sample job descriptions and letters to help you get started.

Guidebook to Developing a Successful Internship Program

Updated February 19, 2021 12:33pm