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Launch WBL!


The purpose of this web page is to provide Work-Based Learning (WBL) program updates and links to new tools and technical assistance like asynchronous professional learning (APL) and recordings on specific WBL topics.

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Launch WBL!  – A Professional Learning Course

Launch WBL!,  available in Canvas,  is intended to provide basic information and resources to help you in the development of your work-based learning (WBL) program.  The course includes a downloadable digital (PDF) certificate of completion for your records.  To access the Launch WBL! course:

      1. Go to Canvas:
      2. Watch the video towards the top of page that explains how to use the site (yellow link)
      3. Enroll in the Launch WBL! course by clicking on the course image.

WBL Quickstart  – A PDF Guide

The WBL Quickstart is a handy PDF to accompany the Launch WBL! course and contains clickable links from the  course.


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WBL Resources Quick-Find

Essential Documents

There are a wide variety of documents that may be helpful for use in a WBL program, including forms for record keeping, evaluations and questionnaires, permission forms, etc. Samples of these documents are available on the Forms & Resources page of the Workplace Experiences for Nebraska website.  For convenience, the documents widely considered “essential” to any WBL program are listed below, with links to each customizable Word template.


WBL “application” where student identifies basic career objectives, describes past work experience, availability, etc.

Individual Training Plan

List each task (processes, knowledge, and skills) that will be performed by the student under the supervision/guidance of a work-place mentor.

Individual Training Agreement

Briefly outlines the responsibilities of the student, parents, employer, and the Work-Based Learning  Coordinator.

WBL Evaluation Report Form

Completed by the WBL Coordinator, this form rates the student’s annual performance on the Nebraska Career Readiness Standards and Progressive Job Tasks.

Resources for Most Requested WBL Topics

Child Labor Laws (Federal and Nebraska)
This is a page on the Workplace Experiences for Nebraska website.

Employing Youth 16 and Older  (Nebraska specific)

Use this guide, published by the Nebraska Department of Labor, for workers 16 years and older. Please review the full guide for complete details.
Excerpt:  “Youth 16 & 17 years old may work in any position that is not listed as hazardous. When employing youth, it is critical to keep safety in mind. All youth must be
properly trained and supervised.” 

Legal Questions About WBL
Use this guide for legal questions around youth Work-Based Learning. Please review the full guide for complete details.
Excerpt:  “When students participate in work-based learning at a workplace outside of school, questions and concerns often arise around legal issues, and particularly regarding liability and insurance. Schools and businesses will generally find that they already possess the necessary insurance coverage to engage in student work-based learning with limited added risk.”

School-Based Enterprises
A page on the Workplace Experiences for Nebraska website, this contains information and resources for best practices.
Excerpt: “A school-based enterprise is a simulated or actual business usually conducted on the school site as component of a CTE course.  Students create and operate an economically viable venture that replicates a specific business or industry and generates revenue for the CTSO or school.”

WBL Coordinator — Role and Function
Use this document to review typical tasks and functions of a Work-Based Learning Coordinator.
Excerpt:  “A Work-Based Learning Coordinator combines and coordinates efforts of many individuals, assuring that work-based learning experiences effectively and efficiently help students develop knowledge, skills, attitudes, and work habits so they can move successfully into the world of work.”

Work-Based Learning Supplemental Endorsement
This guide lists course offerings that meet the Work-Based Learning Supplemental Endorsement Requirement.

Work-Based Learning FAQ
Answers to frequently asked questions about WBL in Nebraska.

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