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Lunch & Learns

Lunch and Learns are short, focused, 30-45 minute sessions focused around a career readiness, career exploration or workplace experience related topic.  They are meant to be informal, combining presentations of information with conversations and exploration of interesting content related to the classroom and workplace experiences in which the students are engaged.  Lunch and learns can be teacher, business/industry professional or student-led.


  • Lunch and Learn sessions offer a unique opportunity for students to interact with a key individual to learn more about their career, their business and/or the path they took to become successful.
  • Students have the opportunity to eat together and engage in conversation in a non-threatening environment that promotes learning.
  • Students develop communication skills of questioning and listening while engaging in conversation with the presenter.
  • Students learn about careers and the requirements for success from actual individuals engaged in the occupation.
  • A large number of students can benefit from one session.

Success Factors

  • Lunch and learn sessions must be well advertised, highlighting the presenter and his/her credentials.
  • Only encourage students who have an interest in the career area represented by the presenter to attend the session.
  • Provide lunch where possible and keep it “kid friendly” – food that students would enjoy.
  • Have a discussion with students about how to ask appropriate questions.
  • Discuss appropriate behavior with the students to make a positive impression on the presenter.
  • Provide information about the business the presenter represents for students to research prior to the presentation.
  • Have a worksheet prepared for students to take notes during the presentation and questioning.
  • Lunch and learns can be a great predecessor to job shadow experiences at the presenter’s business.
Updated August 16, 2018 10:30am