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Whole Grain-Rich Product Exemption for School Year 2018-19

USDA memo SP 18-2018 allows State agencies to grant temporary exemptions from the regulatory whole grain-rich (WGR) requirements for school year (SY) 2018-2019 to School Food Authorities (SFAs) that can demonstrate a hardship in procuring, preparing or serving compliant whole grain-rich products that are acceptable to students. NDE Nutrition Services has defined a list of whole grain-rich products allowed for exemption. To request an exemption you will need to  complete the waiver request form with acceptable supporting documentation for approval.

All WGR Product Exemption Form requests must be submitted by September 30, 2018, to be reviewed and approved by NDE.  Any requests submitted after this date will not be accepted for SY 2018-19, unless the SFA can demonstrate one of the following:
– The  WGR product that is currently being used by the SFA is or will no longer offered by the originating vendor
– The  WGR product that is currently being used by the SFA is no longer being produced or available for purchase
– A new food service director or manager is employed after September 30, 2018
If the above is applicable, please reach out to the Nutrition Services office at 402-471-2488 or (800) 731-2233 for assistance.

Examples of Acceptable Supporting Documentation
Whole Grain Rich Tips
Whole Grain-Rich Pasta Cooking Tips


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