Claims for Reimbursement
Due Dates and Claim Payment Dates

Important Reminders:

  • Claims can be submitted any time after the final meal/snack of the month has been served for the claim month.
  • Claims are processed and paid multiple times throughout the month.
  • In order to ensure timely payment of your claim, familiarize yourself with the charts below which show submission, payment and the final cutoff dates for claims.
  • Every month reconcile claim payments with your bank statement.
  • Please note that payment dates that fall on weekends or holidays will be shifted to the following business day.
  • To view a short tutorial on how to submit a claim:
  • Claim Status in CNP must show as “ACCEPTED” in order to be paid. If Claim Status shows as “Validated” or “Pending” this means that the claim has not been submitted for payment.  Return to CNP to complete the certification step required to submit the claim.
  • A claim in “ACCEPTED” status can be modified, but will need to be resubmitted after changes have been made.  Note: If you click MODIFY after a claim has been accepted, the claim must be resubmitted even if no changes were made.

To receive reimbursement funds by EFT, complete and submit the ACH Enrollment Form.

Claim Payment or Electronic Fund Transfter (EFT) Dates
Claim submitted on:NDE Processing DatePayment Date
10th before noon10th+ 2-3 days
15th before noon15th+ 2-3 days
20th before noon20th+ 2-3 days
After 20th10th of the following month+ 2-3 days
Note that the date of deposit shifts to the following business day when the payment date lands on a weekend or a holiday.


The last date to submit a claim
is 60 days following the last day of the month covered by the claim.
For the month of: Last day for submission:
JanuaryApril 1 (Leap Year March 31)
FebruaryApril 29
MarchMay 30
AprilJune 29
MayJuly 30
JuneAugust 29
JulySeptember 29
AugustOctober 30
SeptemberNovember 29
OctoberDecember 30
NovemberJanuary 29
DecemberMarch 1 (Leap Year February 29)


Updated May 22, 2019 11:02am