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Farm to Preschool


Welcome to Nebraska Farm to Preschool

Produce Pick Spotlight Summer 2017: Carrots

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Carrots ar the featured Produce Pick Spotlight this summer. Carrots grown in Nebraska can be found at local farmers markets June through October.

Locally grown produce has many benefits. Check out below in the Nebraska Farm to Preschool Tool Kit – Where to Buy Local for information on local farmers markets and local farms. For more information on buying local carrots and health benefits visit this link at

Try adding rainbow carrots to your menu. Click on the Produce Pick Spotlight icon below for nutrition facts, menu ideas and recipes.

What is Farm to Preschool?

Farm to Preschool is an extension of the national Farm to School movement that started with school gardening and connecting farms to schools. Farm to Preschool includes early childhood programs, preschools, Head Start programs and center based programs serving local foods, and providing hands-on educational activities.  Farm to Preschool Programs include:

  • Growing Edible School/Center Gardens
  • Cooking with Kids
  • Farm Field Trips
  • Taste Tests
  • Nutrition Education

Why Farm to Preschool?

  • Supports development of healthy food patterns
  • Early obesity prevention
  • Better nutrition which is critical for development
  • Children rely on caregivers for healthy food and active environment
  • Hands-on activities can increase children’s willingness to try healthy foods
  • Supports success local farmers and economies
  • Young children behaviors can change family behaviors

Farm to Preschool is a WIN, WIN, WIN!


Photo credit: usdagov


Photo credit: usdagov


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Win for Children – Children benefit from educational activities and eating healthier foods. Locally grown foods are generally fresher and riper when harvested so they taste better. 

Win for farmers – Local agriculture is supported.  The more nearby farm products are consumed, the more money in the pockets of farmers.

Win for Communities – Purchasing nearby agricultural products keeps more money in the communities and builds stronger local economies.

Nebraska Farm to Preschool Toolkit – click below to get started