SFSP Training

SFSP Training

SFSP Meal Pattern Chart

SFSP Production Record

SFSP Daily Meal Count – Open SFSP sites use this form to count the number of meals served to children

SFSP Multi-Day Meal Count Form – Open SFSP sites that distribute meals for more than one day may use this form

NEW  SFSP Daily Meal Count Form – Use this meal count form for multi-day meal distribution.

SFSP Sample Closed Enrolled Roster – Use this meal counting form at Closed Enrolled sites

SFSP Claim Entry Hints and Tips

COVID-19 Summer Food Service Program Site Review Form – Use this form to complete a visit for each site or review of each site’s records once during the first four weeks of operation

  • Please have a member of your school complete a review of your SFSP operation using this review form within four weeks of transitioning to the SFSP for meal service. Please retain a copy of the form with your other SFSP records and submit a copy to NDE Nutrition Services only upon request.

Food Safety in Summer Food Service  offers a short online course on important food safety practices that help keep food safe for the children being fed at Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) sites. It contains three lessons that promote key food safety practices essential to a successful SFSP site.

  • Practicing good personal hygiene
  • Checking and recording food temperatures
  • Proper cleaning and sanitizing

FDA Food Safety and the Coronavirus Resources

CDC Community Facility Cleaning and Disinfecting Recommendations

CDC Community Mitigation Strategies

ServSafe Coronavirus Resources

ICN eLearning Courses: Courses include SFSP Hygiene Best Practices and SFSP Cleaning and Sanitizing Best Practices

View the Supplementary Training Modules on the rules and requirements of the SFSP.

If any participants require a sign language interpreter, alternate formats of print materials or wheelchair accessibility, please notify our office at least two weeks prior to the workshop date at (402) 471-2488 or (800) 731-2233.

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