At-risk meals and snacks

Area eligible snacks available for “at risk” youth

Federal law (Public Law 105-336) authorizes CACFP reimbursement for meal supplements (meals) provided to children through the age of 18 years in certain after school programs. The following guidelines have been provided by USDA:Center Eligibility:

  • “At Risk After School Snacks” are available to public or private nonprofit organizations. The center must be licensed to care for school age children.
  • Centers may participate only as “at risk” centers. “At risk” centers are located within a school site boundary in which 50 per cent or more of the school site enrollment is approved free/reduced. A complete list of eligible school sites is available from Nutrition Services at the Nebraska Department of Education.
  • To be eligible for reimbursement for “At Risk After School Snacks,” each center must:
    Provide children with regularly scheduled activities in an organized, structured and supervised environment; and
  • Include educational or enrichment activities.
    “At Risk After School Snacks” may not be claimed for reimbursement during summer vacation.

Snack Eligibility

Each “At Risk After School Snack” will consist of two of the following four components in the amounts indicated:

  1. Fluid Milk (1 cup)
  2. Juice or Fruit or Vegetable (3/4 cup – juice may not be served when milk is the only other component.)
  3. Meat or Meat Alternate (1 ounce) or Yogurt (1/2 cup – yogurt cannot be served when milk is the only other component.)
  4. Grains/Breads (1 slice bread or an equivalent serving of an acceptable grain/bread)
    “At Risk After School Snacks” are reimbursed at the free rate for all school age children.

The “At Risk After School Snack” must operate as a non-pricing program (no separate charge for snacks).

The “At Risk After School Snacks” meal count must be taken at the point of service by counting the number of students receiving a reimbursable snack.

Reimbursement is limited to one “At Risk After School Snack” per child per day.

Child Eligibility

Reimbursement may be claimed for “At Risk After School Snacks” served to school age children through the age of 18 in eligible after school care programs. Reimbursement may also be claimed for those children who turn age 19 during the school year.

“At Risk After School Snack” may be claimed only for those children for whom attendance is documented. A sign-in sheet or roster may be used to document attendance.

Required Records

The following records must be maintained:

  1. Daily meal counts (number of “At Risk After School Snacks”).
  2. Documentation for each day of a child’s attendance (roster or sign-in sheet).
  3. Documentation of compliance with meal pattern requirements.
Updated June 8, 2023 2:51pm