Nebraska Crunch Off

2023 Crunch Results are in!

We extend our gratitude to all those who took part in the 2023 Mountain Plains Crunch Off! The MPRO region collectively recorded a remarkable total of 444,379 crunches, while Early Childcare Education sites significantly contributed with 31,490 crunches in 2023. Now, let’s move on to the exciting part – the state that achieved the highest per capita crunches is none other than NEBRASKA! Nebraska schools and community members played a vital role in helping us achieve our goal, and we sincerely congratulate and thank you for maintaining this title for the 5th consecutive year! Stay tuned for more fascinating data from the Nebraska Crunch Off.

What is the Crunch Off?

The Mountain Plains Crunch Off is a multi-state competition to celebrate Farm to School Month in October. States throughout the region (CO, MT, MO, KS, NE, ND, SD, WY) compete to achieve the most per capita “crunches” into local produce– like apples, carrots, nuts, seeds, and more. Nebraska schools and childcare centers have accepted the challenge by crunching to higher levels year after year and we’ve been the 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 Crunch Off Champions. Let’s keep it going!

Students, teachers, farmers, parents, organizations, community members, and local food enthusiasts can register their team and crunch into a local fruits, vegetables, or seeds anytime in October! Together we can celebrate local food and farm to school programs throughout Nebraska.

Nebraska Crunch Off 2023 Participating Counties

2023 Crunch Resources

Crunch Off with Nebraska Thursdays or Nebraska Harvest of the Month!

  • Celebrate Nebraska Thursdays during October and add your local Crunch Off product into your menu!
  • Crunch with Harvest of the Month! Try a local salad turnip or a crunchy cabbage coleslaw. Build momentum for your Crunch Off event by sending home a Harvest of the Month newsletter available on the Harvest of the Month webpage.
  • Register for Nebraska Thursdays and visit our recipe portal for a hummus recipe (uses local dry beans!) that you can dip Crunch items into.
  • Download the Harvest of the Month Taste Test Guide for tips on sampling your Crunch Off item prior to the big day.
  • See what’s in season in Nebraska, and crunch-able, with our handy guide!
  • Check out the resources available at National Farm to School Network.

Where to find LOCAL apples or crunch-worthy produce

Check out our ideas for finding local on the NDE Farm to School Resources page

Buy Fresh Buy Local

Explore the Buy Fresh Buy Local Nebraska Online Food Guide– Reach out directly to anyone listed in that guide.

Nebraska Farmers Markets and Produce Vendor

A search tool for finding local farmers markets and produce vendors to provide fresh food for your school.

Nebraska Market Maker

Utilize Nebraska MarketMaker to locate suppliers selling crunchable items, like apples, carrots, turnips and broccoli. What local produce will you crunch on in 2022?

LoneTree Foods

Nebraska’s local food distributor!

Nebraska Food Cooperative

An online, year-round farmers’ market and local food distribution service.

Try these delicious dips with your crunchable foods!

2022 Crunch Off Champions!

Congratulations, Nebraska, for winning the Crunch off Championship for the 4th year in a row!

Thank you to all who participated in the 2022 Nebraska Crunch Off! Almost 70,000 students, community members, and teachers crunched into Nebraska-grown products including apples, peppers, and celery root, while celebrating local food and farm to school programs throughout Nebraska! Approximately 3.59% of Nebraska’s population participated in the 2022 Crunch Off, including the largest crunch event at Omaha Public Schools with 31,200 participants! Let’s keep the momentum going, Nebraska! Continue highlighting local produce from all sources and in all forms throughout programs and within your communities!

We also had fun crunching at the Nebraska Department of Education, shown here.

Updated December 4, 2023 3:48pm