Bringing the Farm to School Producer Trainings in Nebraska

This training is intended for food producers interested in learning about selling food into school markets. Future dates and locations for trainings will be announced in 2023.

Learn more about this project, funded in part with federal funds from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service through an agreement with the National Center for Appropriate Technology in partnership with the National Farm to School Network at Bringing the Farm to School: Producer Training. The training has been adapted as necessary to best fit the needs of a Nebraska audience.

Schools offer a strong market opportunity for agricultural producers. With more than 30 million students participating in the National School Lunch Program each day, schools provide a large, stable, and long-term market option. Many schools have strong interest in including local products from agricultural producers in their communities in their school meals.

Join this training to learn how to take advantage of these farm to school market opportunities:

●      Learn about accessing school markets, the procurement process, and growing products for school markets.

●      Hear from producers that have successfully navigated farm to school markets.

●      Gain new knowledge and resources for expanding your business to take advantage of school market opportunities.

Project Partners


Review recordings from the first Bringing the Farm to School Producer Training held in Nebraska on March 3, 2022 in Omaha, NE.

Full Session

Lunch Panel: Erin Vik, Jay Wolff, Sherri Lee

Ellen Walsh-Rosmann Presentation

Presenters at the March 3rd training included:
Gary Fehr of Green School Farms; Ellen Walsh-Rosmann and Sherri Lee of FarmTable Procurement & Delivery; Erin Vik of Westside Community Schools; Jay Wolff of Wolff Farms in Norfolk; Donna Handley, Kayte Partch, the NDE.

Facilitators and Trainers:
Justin Carter, Center for Rural Affairs; Stephanie Finklea, Black Chick Farms; Carla Gornall, No More Empty Pots; Ben Jewell, NE Extension; Margaret Milligan, Buy Fresh Buy Local NE; Sarah Smith, NE Department of Education


Recordings from the Tribal Producer training held in October 2022 in partnership with the Winnebago Food Sovereignty Council will be posted soon.

Are you looking for additional tools, support, and resources to learn about farm to school and how the classroom, cafeteria, and community can grow in farm to school efforts and impacts? Check out these resources and partners!

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Questions? Contact Sarah Smith, NDE Farm to School Specialist, or 402-525-3128

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