Food Service Management Companies

Food Service Management Companies

School Food Authorities (SFA) Guidance for Food Service Management Companies – May 2016

Contracting with a Food Service Management Company Guidance for  School Food Authorities Video Training

Contracting with a Food Service Management Company – Guidance for School Food Authorities – this webinar presents the following information: the State Agency’s role in the contracting process, the School Food Authorities decision to contract with a FSMC, the Fixed Price FSMC RFP, the timeline for FSMC procurement, completion of the RFP, and the State Agency review RFP/Contract documents.


SFA Procedures for Contracting with a FSMC 

FSMC Fixed Price Request for ProposalAvailable Nov. 1.  Please contact Erica Arter or Shawn Vondracek, Program Specialists-Nutrition Services to request document.

FSMC Contact List

Food Service Management Company Monitoring Form

USDA FSMC Guidance Manual Contracting with Food Service Management Companies (September 2017)

USDA Policy Memos