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Nebraska Market Meetups

Please join us for the first Market Meetup on Tuesday, November 30, 2021 from 3-4pm CST.

In response to school meal supply chain challenges, the NDE is hosting a virtual meeting to facilitate local food procurement by connecting school food service decision makers with Nebraska area producers, processors, aggregators, and distributors.

The meeting aims to:

  1. Provide space to jointly share, learn, and innovate in the topic of local food supply and access;
  2. Directly link buyers and sellers to facilitate connections and purchasing relationships;
  3. Collect information to create a strategic plan to move forward with partners in strengthening our local food system and local food access.
  • Food Service Directors should come prepared with their food supply needs and desires.
  • Food producers, aggregators, processors and others are encouraged to come prepared with a list of what they can offer for sale to schools, and details for schools to further connect with their product.




Questions? Contact Nebraska Farm to School Specialist, Sarah Smith,

See more information here provided by USDA Food and Nutrition Service about School Meal Supply Chain Issues during School Year 2021-2022.

Additional information regarding USDA offering flexibilities in response to public health needs and to ease administrative burden, while still promoting nutrition meals, can be found here:

Summary of Flexibilities:
Table of Flexibilities:
Flexibilities in Practice:

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