Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point

Food Safety in Schools

  • As a result of Federal legislation, all schools and residential facilities participating in the National School Lunch Program are required to implement a HACCP food safety program.
  • In addition, each school/residential facility must have at least two food safety inspections per year.
  • Print a copy of the Outline of What to Include in the Written HACCP Plan.pdf – The following resources below are links to all the forms and resources needed for the written HACCP Plan.

USDA’s Guidance Manual.pdf

Safe Handling Practices for Fresh Produce for Foodservice.pdf

Handwashing Poster.pdf

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
updated 7/11/06

Categorizing Menu Items and Identifying Control Measures and Critical Control Points

Corrective Action.doc
added to workshop packet after 10/5/05

Temperature Chart.pdf
revised 11/3/05

Time-Temperature Control for Safety (TCS) Foods – (previously known as Potentially Hazardous Foods)
revised 7/2017

Record Keeping Requirements

* Food Safety Checklist
* Temperature Logs
* Production Records & Delivery Slips

Link to Nebraska Food Code, Nebraska Department of Agriculture

Food Safety resources in multiple languages

Updated July 30, 2019 10:38am