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What is Go NAP SACC?

From mealtime, to playtime, to story time, children have many opportunities each day to learn and practice healthy habits. Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care (Go NAP SACC) is a trusted process that helps child care centers and homes go the extra mile to support children’s healthy eating and physical activity.

The 5 key elements of Go NAP SACC include the following:

  1. Complete a Pre Self-Assessment
  2. Attend a Go NAP SACC training
    ü FREE State Approved In-service hours
  3. Develop an Action Plan
  4. Reach Your Goals
  5. Complete a Post Self-Assessment & Feedback Survey

Go NAP SACC focuses on 5 main health areas: breastfeeding & infant feeding, child nutrition, infant & child physical activity, outdoor play & learning and screen time.  It is designed for providers that care for children from the ages of birth to 5 years old.

How can Go NAP SACC help child care providers?

  • FREE State Approved In-service hours
  • Earn points for Step Up to Quality
  • Receive FREE Incentives upon completion
  • FREE Nutrition & Physical Activity
    ü Resources for use in your child care program and for parent education
  • FREE One-on-One Mentoring and Support from a Go NAP SACC trainer
  • Promote Healthy Child Development
  • Continuing Education Opportunities

 How does Go NAP SACC fit into Step Up to Quality?

Go NAP SACC is required in Step 2 of Step Up to Quality:

  • View the Go NAP SACC orientation video*
  • Complete the Go NAP SACC pre self-assessment*

Additional points (up to 14) may be earned with Go NAP SACC in Steps 3-5 of Step Up to Quality by:

  • Attending a Go NAP SACC training (6 hour minimum)
    • Visit the NE Go NAP SACC website to view the training calendar
  • Submit a Go NAP SACC Action Planning Document*
    • Ongoing support is available
  • Complete the post self-assessment* and receive points for the number of best practices met  
  • Incorporate a nutrition and/or physical activity curriculum

*Available online at the NE Go NAP SACC website:

Emily Hulse, MS
Community Program Coordinator
NE Go NAP SACC Coordinator
Center for the Child & Community

Children’s Hospital & Medical Center
2021 Transformation Drive, Suite 1200
Lincoln, NE  68508

We know children. •