Direct Certification and Direct Verification

The Verification Process and Completing the on line Verification Report

Direct Certification and Direct Verification

TopicSchool YearVersionDate
Direct Certification and Direct Verification Overview 3.0.110/26/2015

Handout to help with the changes to the DC List Effective August 9, 2016:
New for SY 2016-17: Free & Reduced Eligibililty on the Direct Certification List

2016-17 8/26/2016


Direct Certification
TopicSchool YearVersionDate
Instructions 4.0.008/12/2015
Template File  08/25/2015
 Attachment D – Notice of Approval/Denial Letter
Direct Certification VideoHow to view your direct certification list and information on the new feature for viewing possible matches.
Student Interactive Lookup SystemHow to use the look up to Enter Individual Students for a direct certification search.


Direct Verification
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Template File  09/18/2013
Link to Verification Income Eligibility Application – Process and Forms