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The application process is a multi-step process which includes required attendance of NDE CACFP training, the submission of documents, completion of the on-line application and a pre-approval visit and records review by NDE CACFP program staff.


Institutions that are new to the CACFP must complete Nutrition Services training prior to the approval of the institution’s application. This training must have occurred within the previous six calendar months prior to the submission of the application to Nutrition Services. This consists of training on CACFP record keeping and on meal requirements and production records. Centers providing care for infants must also complete infant training. This training can be accomplished in one day. The institution’s responsible individual/principal and the person(s) responsible for the food service are to complete this training prior to CACFP approval.
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Application submission

Each sponsor is required to complete forms to initiate the application process including a password and i.d. to access on-line application. Computer Access Form

Once your application and supporting documents are received by Nutrition Services, they will be reviewed by a member of our staff. If incomplete, you will be notified of what is needed to make it a complete application. It is your responsibility to make sure that all information and supporting documents are submitted in a timely manner.

If an application is incomplete or missing supporting documents after 60 days from the original date of submission, the application will be denied and returned to the applicant.

Pre-Approval Visit & Notebook Visit

Upon the submission of a complete application a pre-approval visit is scheduled with your organization.  This visit is conducted on-site by a staff member of NDE to provide one-on-one technical assistance and review general guidelines of the CACFP and NDE’s recordkeeping requirements. If CACFP records are being maintained the NDE staff will evaluate and review the accuracy of those records during this visit.

Record Submission – Review of First Month Records

Every new institution must submit records to Nutrition Services with the first month’s claim. This includes copies of Income Eligibility Forms for participants  whose meals are claimed in the free and reduced categories, menu production records, meal count sheets (record of meals and supplements served), monthly claim worksheet and the claim for reimbursement. If records are reviewed on site during the preapproval visit, the submission of some of these items may be waived.

Errors on claims (meals not meeting meal pattern, incorrectly determined IEFs, mathematical errors, etc.) will result in a deduction of those meals. If there are numerous errors, you will be required to submit records every month until they meet CACFP requirements. If your first claim is submitted correctly, no supporting documents will have to be submitted the following month. You must keep all records pertaining to the CACFP on file for four years.

Food service contracts

If you will be contracting with a vendor to provide meals, a food service contract must be submitted with your application. If your food service contract will exceed $50,000/year, Nutrition Services must approve the contract in advance. Contact our office for more information. You must also allow adequate time for soliciting and advertising for bids.
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