Checklist for record keeping

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Checklist for record keeping

In Nebraska, CACFP institutions are reviewed on a three-year cycle by a member of the Nutrition Services staff. These compliance reviews are usually scheduled in advance, but may be unannounced. For-profit centers receiving $25,000 or more per year in CACFP funds are audited annually.

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What records do you need to keep? What will the Department of Education or an auditor need to look at when reviewing your records?

The following checklist summarizes the types of records which must be available when your center is scheduled for a compliance review or audit.

  • Income Eligibility Forms (IEFs) for the current fiscal year (or prior fiscal year, in the case of an audit)

  • Record of Meals and Supplements Served for the test month

  • Daily Menu and Production Records for the test month

  • Copy of your currently approved CACFP application and supporting documents that have been approved by the Nebraska Department of Education

  • Invoices, grocery receipts and records that document administrative costs and income to your program for the test month. Payroll records for food service staff; payroll records and time certification documentation for CACFP administrative and clerical staff

  • Copies of claims submitted to the Nebraska Department of Education

  • Copies of worksheets to support claims

  • Check stubs for CACFP payments you have received from the Nebraska Department of Education UNLESS you are on direct deposit. Bank statements may be used to document direct deposits.

  • A copy of your most current audit if your center receives more than $25,000 in CACFP funds

  • A training log or certificates that document training workshops your staff has attended, preferably on CACFP or nutrition-related topics

  • A copy of your current license issued by the Nebraska Health and Human Services System or other licensing agency

  • The “And Justice For All” civil rights poster must be displayed

  • Procurement file if CACFP purchases exceeded $10,000 for single items.

Title XIX/XX Centers only:

  • Title XIX/XX receipts for payment for the test month.

Sponsors of multiple sites only:

  • Copies of sponsor’s monitoring reviews and training schedules of each site.

Remember: ALL records pertaining to the CACFP must be kept on site for a period of four years (current fiscal year, plus the three previous years).

Updated August 22, 2017 7:08pm