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Birth to Age 5 Programs

Rule 11

On November 18, 2015, Governor Ricketts signed Rule 11: Regulations for the Approval of Prekindergarten Programs established by School Boards or Educational Service Units and for the Issuance of Early Childhood Education Grants.The newly revised Rule 11 became effective November 23, 2015.

Rule 11

Early Childhood Reports

Early Childhood Education Grant Program—Ages 3 to 5

The Early Childhood Education Grant Program is intended to support the development of children in the birth to kindergarten age range through the provision of comprehensive center- based programs. In most cases the projects expand and/or combine existing pre-kindergarten programs funded through district, federal, or parent fees, including Head Start. Each project receives funding for up to one-half of the total operating budget of the project per year on a continuing basis, subject to availability of the funds. A public school or an educational service unit is the fiscal agent.

Funded projects are required to operate in compliance with Rule 11 Regulations for Early Childhood Education Grant Program. Rule 11 reflects research-based elements of quality early childhood education programs intended to produce strong outcomes for children.

Such elements of quality include:

  • a strong family involvement/education component recognizing the central role of parents in their children’s development and learning;
  • well-trained staff and optimum staff and child ratios in programs providing direct services to children;
  • developmentally and linguistically appropriate and culturally sensitive curriculum, practices, and assessment;
  • sensitivity to the economic and logistical needs and circumstances of families in the provision of services;
  • integration of children of diverse social and economic characteristics;
  • inclusion of children with disabilities;
  • a sound evaluation component;
  • continuity with programs in kindergarten and elementary grades;
  • procedures to ensure participating children and families have access to comprehensive nutrition, (including at least one meal per day) and health and social services; and,
  • a parent/community advisory group which provides substantive ongoing direction to the program.

Evaluation Progress Reports

Grant Forms

For further information, please contact Kristine Luebbe,  402-471-1860.

Results Matter in Nebraska

Measuring Results for Young Children and their Families

Results Matter in Nebraska is a child, program, and family outcomes measurement system
designed and implemented to improve programs and supports for all young children birth to age five (B-5) served by districts and their community partners, which may include Head Start and other community early childhood programs.

Districts and ESUs are expected to serve children within inclusive classrooms that represent a full range of abilities and disabilities and the social, linguistic, and economic diversity of families within the community.

Results Matter is responsive to Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) Rule 11–Regulations for the Approval of Prekindergarten Programs Established by School Boards or Educational Service Units and for the Issuance of Early Childhood Education Grants, Rule 51–Regulations and Standards for Special Education Programs, and the federal mandate of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Part C (birth to age three) and Part B-619 (ages three to five).

Results Matter measures child progress and program quality to accomplish these purposes:
improve experiences, learning, development, and lives of young children birth to age five and
their families; inform program practices; demonstrate program effectiveness; guide the
development of local and state policies and procedures; and, provide data to demonstrate results.

Check out the 2019 Results Matter Technical Assistance Document.

Teaching Strategies GOLD™ training is scheduled across Nebraska. Training will appear on the Nebraska Early Childhood Training Calendar.

Results Matter provides YouTube videos to support implementation and classroom practices in quick and concise video formats for easy viewing. View the How to Videos here.



For further information about Results Matter in Nebraska, contact Kayla Parr, 402-471-6695.

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