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Nebraska Early Childhood Professional Record System (NECPRS)

NECPRS website

The Nebraska Early Childhood Professional Record System (NECPRS) is a place for early childhood professional to learn, organize, connect & grow.

different ways to earn annual in-service hours!

Training Calendar
A searchable online calendar filled with a variety of approved early childhood training. Search by date, location or training title. View details and registration info.

Independent Study
In-service hours for training completed independently. Individuals can read a book, view a DVD/webinar, or complete a self-study to earn in-service hours.

Post-Secondary Coursework
Completed Coursework from an accredited college or university can be submitted for annual in-service hours.

your training records, education, work history & credentials!

Easily manage all of your professional development in one spot.

  • Upload transcripts and certificates for verification and documentation
  • Keep track of annual in-service hours
  • Record your early childhood work history
  • Monitor your early childhood related credentials

to your professional development!

NECPRS users experience convenient online access to the following:

  • Training certificates, transcripts and resume
  • Training calendar
  • A unique NECPRS ID number for training registration

your professional resume!

Get access to a customizable and printable resume that displays your professional development.

Check your NECPRS account to learn if you are eligible to receive the employee School Readiness Tax Credit.

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