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Career Development in Early Childhood Education

Research shows that the more education and training early care and education professionals have, the better the care and education children will receive, and this contributes to more positive short and long-term outcomes for children. Currently, Nebraska requires directors of early childhood programs to have a high school diploma or GED in order to work in licensed early childhood programs. Teachers/assistant teachers in child care centers must be at least nineteen years of age according to state licensing requirements. However, there are a variety of credentials and degree options available in Nebraska that can help prepare individuals to work with young children and their families and increase their earning potential. For anyone considering a career in the early childhood field, plan ahead, talk with others, including: colleagues in the field, coordinators at the Early Childhood Training Center, an academic counselor and the chair of the academic department of the college you plan to enroll in so that you select the career option that will work best for you.

The state of Nebraska has developed a Career Advising Guide for the early childhood education field. The guide includes information on the various roles in the early childhood field, salary and income information, and options for increasing education.


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Nebraska’s Career Advising Guide, English (2021)

Nebraska’s Career Advising Guide, Spanish (2021)

Updated February 24, 2022 9:39am