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Data Coalition

Nebraska Early Childhood Data Coalition

The Nebraska Early Childhood Data Coalition is an outgrowth of several efforts across the state of Nebraska, including the Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems project Together for Kids & Families in partnership with the Nebraska Head Start-State Collaboration Office along with other key partners and stakeholders. The Coalition, launched in 2009, is a unique blend of interests, both public and private, that serves as a vehicle to explore aspects of early childhood data collections, processes, and reporting in an attempt to connect and develop a comprehensive early childhood data system.

Participating stakeholders include: Nebraska Children and Families Foundation, Voices for Children in Nebraska, Together for Kids & Families Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Lifespan Health Services; Nebraska Department of Education Office of Early Childhood and Early Childhood Training Center; Child, Youth and Family Studies at University of Nebraska – Lincoln, University of Nebraska Medical Center Munroe-Meyer Institute; Nebraska Head Start-State Collaboration Office.

I. General Purpose

The purpose of this Coalition is to:

  • establish a coalition of key stakeholders regarding early childhood specific data across Nebraska;
  • enhance collaboration regarding data through clearly defined policies and procedures;
  • explore the potential for a comprehensive early childhood data system.

II. Introduction

Various early childhood data are available among numerous private and public-funded local, state, and national early childhood organizations and programs. A process for identifying, collecting, reviewing, monitoring, and reporting these data is needed to inform continuous program improvement and increase access to high quality early childhood programs and services. Early childhood policy discussions and decision-making may be supported by access to comprehensive data systems and reporting mechanisms. The current system for data collection and reporting among early childhood programs and services is fragmented and subject to regulations and restrictions. A venue is needed to articulate the strengths and weaknesses of available data and to increase knowledge of relevant data sets and systems, the meaning and interactions thereof.

III. Scope of Agreement

The participating stakeholders agree to the following outcomes:

  • Outcome 1: Articulate and agree to follow a set of data business rules and ethical guiding principles that meet and follow local, state, federal regulations as appropriate
  • Outcome 2: Map data systems on a biennial basis
  • Outcome 3: Identify and select indicators and outcomes for joint and individual purposes
  • Outcome 4: Collect, analyze, and report data on identified indicators and outcomes (or otherwise determined by the Coalition)


For more information please contact Helen Raikes, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, at

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