Online Training Opportunities

First Connections

First Connections is a multifaceted, comprehensive telecommunications project offering education about infants and toddlers to teachers, caregivers, and parents across the state of Nebraska and beyond.

First Connections is designed to make exemplary technology-based training opportunities available to early childhood care and education personnel working with infants and toddlers, including those with special needs, primarily in home-based child care.  The argument for high-quality child care is strengthened by recent research that highlights the importance of early environmental experiences on the developing infant’s brain and ultimately on the child’s overall development.  Specifically, this research stresses the importance of positive responsive caregiver-child interaction on the young child’s cognitive and psychosocial development.

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School Age Connections

School Age Connections is a comprehensive, interactive, Internet-based set of modules providing information about working with school-age children. The training is designed to assist providers in the development and implementation of school-age programming for before and after school, during non-school days, and during summer vacation. There 3 modules covering a wide range of topics, and each contains a wealth of information, interactive activities, and a review, as well as links to additional resources.   
Each module is proctored by an experienced instructor.  The instructor will review the work of each participant and will inform NDE to send a certificate of completion when the module has been satisfactorily completed.  Each module will provide five (5) hours of in-service credit (for Nebraska participants).

School Age Connections is available at a cost of $10.00 per module.

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