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Early Childhood Training Center

Elevating Excellence in Early Childhood: Your Path to Professional Growth and Impact

Helpful Links for Early Childhood Educators

Explore the tiles below to learn more about the professional development opportunities and resources available to Nebraska’s early childhood educators.

Discover & Enroll in Training

Explore the NECPRS training calendar, your all-in-one destination for discovering and enrolling in approved early childhood training. Utilize the search bar and filters within the calendar to easily locate and enroll in the training options that interest you.

Limited-Time Free Training

The Nebraska Departments of Education and Health and Human Services are working in partnership to provide free training for Nebraska’s early childhood educators using funding made available through child care pandemic relief funds (ARPA) beginning June 1, 2023, while funding is available or until May 31, 2024.

Nebraska Early Learning Library

Discover the ultimate resource for Nebraska’s early childhood educators. Our extensive collection includes thousands of books, DVDs, CDs, scientific journals, assessments, and curriculum materials to support early childhood development. Explore our wide range of topics and find the ideal resource to foster growth in your classroom.

Browse our resources from your phone and reserve your favorites for convenient in-person pickup or direct shipment to your doorstep.

Pre-Service Training Plan

In Nebraska, anyone who provides care to four or more children from different families must be licensed as a child care provider through the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). We’ve developed the Pre-Service Training Plan for child care directors and teachers who do not meet the DHHS licensing qualifications.

Download our guidance document for instructions, tips, and helpful contacts to assist you along the way. The guide is available in English and Spanish.

Automatically Accepted Training

The Nebraska Department of Education’s Office of Early Childhood maintains a list of high quality trainings delivered by outside organizations. These trainings are automatically accepted for annual in-service or pre-service hours needed to meet DHHS Licensing requirements.

Online Early Childhood Courses

The NDE Learning Network offers a catalogue of online training and coursework that cover a variety of early care and education topics. These courses are a great way to earn in-service hours in a convenient online setting that allows users to work at their own pace. Courses range from $0-$25 and many are available in both English and Spanish. Watch our tutorial series for help getting started!


Early Childhood Training Center
6949 S. 110th Street
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Phone: 402-557-6880
Toll Free: 1-800-892-4453
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DHHS Children’s Services Licensing
(800) 600-1289
DHHS Licensing Contact Map
DHHS Licensing website

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