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Kindergarten-Primary Programs

Kindergarten is a very important year in the lives of Nebraska’s youngest students and their families. It begins to create the foundation of knowledge on which they will continue to build formal schooling.

A number of documents have been created to inform and support parents, administrators, teachers, and other early childhood professionals on what kindergarten best practices look like. The documents are based on current research and were created by kindergarten teachers and other early childhood professionals in Nebraska.

For more information about kindergarten and primary grades in Nebraska, please contact Melody Hobson at 402-860-4055.

Kindergarten Entrance

For additional information about professional development related to kindergarten in Nebraska or to borrow media materials on this topic, visit the Nebraska Early Learning Library.

For questions about kindergarten entry, please refer to Neb.Rev.Stat 79-214. School districts should contact their district legal counsel for additional assistance.

Kindergarten and Early Childhood Program Eligibility for School Years 2023-2026

Find more information on school readiness and getting ready for kindergarten in Nebraska.

Updated May 5, 2023 1:59pm