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Meal Service During School Closures Due to H1N1 Outbreak

How to Serve Reimbursable Meals During an H1N1-related School Closure
Updated 9/9/09

In the event of a school closure because of a H1N1-related public health emergency, School Food Authorities (SFAs) and Community Organizations (COs) will be able to offer reimbursable meals in non-congregate settings under special provisions under a modified Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) or the National School Lunch Program’s Seamless Summer Option (SSO).To outline the differences in the two programs we are providing you with a Program Comparison Chart.

Since no duplication of coverage is allowed, SFAs and COs are encouraged to work together to ensure meals are provided to students in the event of an H1N1-related school closure. This special program allowance may be invoked only upon the declaration of a public health emergency. Nebraska Govenor Dave Heineman declared the public health emergency on April 30, 2009.

A memo was sent to all SFAs and SFSP Sponsors to inform them of the opportunity to provide reimbursable meals to low-income children during school closures due to H1N1outbreak..

Any SFA or eligible CO that wants to provide reimbursable meals to low-income children in schools closed due to the H1N1 virus must complete an Agreement with the Nebraska Department of Education – Nutrition Services and a Waiver Request to Operate during H1N1 Outbreaks.

Program Agreement

Adobe PDF


Waiver Request

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Microsoft Word

All Agreements and Waiver Requests must be submitted to Nutrition services for review and approval. Interested SFAs or COs should complete and mail the forms to our office as soon as possible in anticipation of possible school closures this coming school year.

Once your Agreement/Waiver Request has been approved and you have declared a school closing you must complete a Notification of School Closing.

This reflects the most current information available from USDA.

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